Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Trip so far...

Sweet Cadence Shae sleeping on the way to the resort. 

The place we're staying is super nice. Our favorite parts so far are the 2 pictures below. 

Living room with fireplace
entire room dedicated to the jacuzzi tub :)
Chris and I reminisced this morning about when we used to go on vacation and sleep really late, if not most of the day. This is no longer the case. This morning we were up at 6, and dressed and on our way to the pool by 8 AM!!!  

Cadence complete with bed-head as we got into the pool. 
You can't tell by the picture, but it's snowing. All day, snow has fallen in Tennessee. It's beautiful but makes for a long day with our sweet Cadence. We've played Jenga, went thru the Resurrection eggs AND the Nativity stable stories (complete with props) made cookies, went to Wal-Mart, and as I write this,  we're back at the pool. 
Making cookies. Cadence wanted to line them up all in one big long row on the cookie sheet :)
While they baked she talked to Lizzie on the phone. I'm glad it's not our phone bill.....

and these were taken in the pool the 2nd time around. You might be wondering why I'm blogging and not in the pool - you might not be wondering that at all but if you keep reading you're going to find out either way :)  Cadence wanted to come to the pool and we were waiting for the towels to dry from our pool excursion this morning. She came into the living room and said to Chris and I "Mommy, me and Daddy and Shae are going fwimming and you stay here and cook supper."  This wasn't really the plan because I was going to go swimming WITH them but she felt differently about it. I'm not really sad about it because it's snowing outside and the thought of taking off my clothes to put on a bathing suit is not in any way appealing to me so I didn't really fight the idea. So, while they're in the pool right now, I'm sitting in the community center lobby, by the fireplace, blogging :)


Melody said...

Hope you have a good trip. Love hearing what's going on in your life.

Elizabeth said...

I love that she doesn't forget me... even when she's on vacation. ;) And I agree with you... who wants to swim when it's snowing?!?! Hope you have fun at Amber's house!

mama said...

WoW, its really pretty! She is daring, with a mind of her own!! I know she is really enjoying her daddy, take advantage, grab a book and hit the hot tub! Wish I was there!!