Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter stuff

Because of going to church and heading home from there on Sunday, we did most of our Easter stuff on Saturday night. Cadence had so much fun coloring eggs, hiding and hunting the eggs, and she loved all her Easter basket stuff. 

This is our only picture of Easter Sunday morning. (Sorry Mom) Cadence was very cute in her pink dress from Grammie with the matching hairbow and headband made my Aunt April. 

Saturday night with all the loot. Even Jack got to get in on the action. 

Sorry about the flash. Cadence was holding up her new Bible that she got (there will be a separate post on it later)

Coloring eggs with Uncle Joe and Daddy

Chris' turn to hunt the eggs. Cadence made it easy for him to find them because she told him where they all were. Except one...she couldn't remember where it was so it was a surprise to all of us when we found it!

Chris gave Cadence a black jelly bean. she didn't like it

Her turn to hunt the eggs "where is 'em Daddy?"  "I dot it!"

Trying a hard boiled egg. She didn't like it either :)


Elizabeth said...

I love that Chris hunts Easter eggs! He's such a cool dad. :) For shame, for shame, no "Easter dress" pictures! You'll just have to pretend that this Sunday is Easter and take lots of pictures in her pink dress! That shouldn't be too hard with Grammie and Gigi there... though I don't know if they're staying for Sunday?

mama said...

Looks like Easter was a hit! Can't wait to see you all this weekend! Love you bunches