Monday, April 13, 2009

more of Memphis (see post below)

Amber has this great dog named Charley. Cadence LOVED him (no surprise there). She would ride on his back, and he would jump on her, it was lots of fun. 

We colored Easter eggs at Amber's house. Cadence did pretty well with it. She wanted to do all of it herself but luckily Amber is a great one-girl clean up crew. So, every time Cadence would slop dye onto the table or counter, Amber was quick to clean it up!  :)  Cadence had such a great time with Amber (and Chris and I did too). She is still talking about her fun seeing the tigers at the zoo and playing with Charley. Thanks Amber for letting us crash at your place for a couple of days. 

Our finished eggs complete with stickers.


mama said...

Looks like fun!! I'm proud she was able to dye eggs, if not with Grammie, at least with cousin Ambee!

Elizabeth said...

Woo Hoo! So fun! Wish I had been there.. and it's good to know that Charley is a kid lover. :)