Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The beach photo shoot

We are all at the beach because it's my grandparents 55th anniversary. Our family is pretty big and it's always fairly chaotic when we all get together but we continue to do it because it's so much fun. For the occasion of 55 years of marriage, the mama's thought it would be a good idea to take a family picture. That is always easier said than done. Try to imagine coordinating 26 people from 3 different states who have jobs and lives outside of the family to all be together on a Tuesday night an hour before sunset on the north side of Anna Maria Island. It's no small feat I can assure you. But we did it......a little late, with no parking, and babies closer to bedtime than we like to think about, we did it. 

Here is the whole family waiting around on the photographer (BRENDAAA!)
Because it takes so long to take pictures we entertained ourselves taking some of our own. 

Here are the boys being a boy band. 
Shae had had 2 naps over the day and did a great job cooperating with the whole picture thing. 

Grammie and her baby
Then one with PaPa too. 
The original Murdocks
The Wilson Girls

Making our faces. 

and being rockers like Luke (except that Liz and Em don't know the rock symbol and did I Love You instead)


Renee said...

Awesome! What a wonderfully beautiful family you have! I love pictures like these.
It is what you don't see that speaks the loudest!
The fact that you can all exsist in the same place at the same time without major conflict. It's what I love about my family as well! You don't find it often anymore.
My favorite one is of the three of you walking towards the water. You should enlarge it and hang it up in your home!
Happy aniversary to your grandparents and enjoy one another
Love ya
I know

kale family said...

Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful. I love the picture of the sweet Andersen family down by the waves....priceless! Your love for your girl just makes me cry. And you know I can cry. Also the pics of the sisters is precious...cherish the memories. Well, all I can say for the guys is ROCK ON!

The Agarwals said...

Ha! We do this every year and it's always an incredibly hilarious experience too! My 3 were running on no naps this time- there was a lot of whining, complaining and yes, sand throwing. Hmmm... those are the real life memories though aren't they?