Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Playing around

Here are some more random pictures from FL of the things that Cadence did. 

In Janet and Scott's pool with Daddy. 

My parent's back yard seems to still be able to provide as much fun as it did when we were kids. Here Shae is playing chase with her Daddy. 
"I running"

On the swingset that we played on as kids. 

Chris was a little over-zealous pulling up her pull-up after she went potty. 

I think this is pudding. 

Cadence in yet another pair of flop-flops. She loves them. 

Playing with Uncle Shana and Baby Joy. 
Cleaning up at Gigi and Papa's house in Lakeland. 
Daddy's little Seminole!!

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mama said...

Grammie does miss her baby! Can't wait to see you soon....