Monday, July 7, 2008

Florida cont.

We spent all of last week in Florida with my (ashleigh) family. We were in Orlando for the first few days at the condo. Here are some of the pictures of things we did. 

Cadence playing on the playground on the way to the pool. 

Mom got this high chair from the front desk. She loved it. 

She loves all of the boys now and had a great time playing with Robby and Shannon. 

All of us "kids" playing Apples to Apples

While mom bathed the little guys. 

Our friends Dave and Tara came over with Xander to hang out for a day. He was a good swimmer too. Cadence loved the water and wasn't at all scared to jump off the side and "wim" out to us. Only to get her head out of the water and say "moy mommy" and go kicking back to the side again. 

Uncle Shana jumping off the side.                                  Grammie taking Cadence and Kagan back                                                                                                         to the room

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Elizabeth said...

I miss that brown girl already.

Nice picture of Uncle Shannon. :)