Monday, July 14, 2008

AppaLou and LUKE

Cadence loves her Appalou and Luke. They came up here to stay with us and Luke helped Chris out with a guitar clinic last week. Cadence had so much fun playing with them and still talks about them. Here are some of the pictures from their visit. 

Cadence wanted to play the guitar like LUKE

Going to the park to play. 

April dressed her for this excursion. 

It's always nice when there is graffiti on the slide. 


mama said...

Love the glasses!!

Elizabeth said...

These guitar pics are some of my favorite Shae pics ever!

Na Na said...

It will be soo fun watching shae fall in love with music! Growing up in such a musical home is awesome. Can't wait to see which instrument she wants to learn first. Shae you are adorable!