Monday, July 7, 2008

Cadence the fish

One of the things we learned about Cadence in Orlando is that she has absolutely no fear of swimming or water. The first day we took her swimming, she would just jump off the side and swim out to us kicking her feet as hard as they would go. She's not great at it yet,  but her lack of fear over her head being under the water surprised us all since she hates to get her hair washed or have water in her face in the bath tub. So, here are some of the pictures of her swimming the second time we took her to the pool. 

Eating a frozen chocolate covered banana before we swam. 

Liz, Shan, Em and Rob were at the pool with us (along with GiGi)  They played in the water too (which I think helped Cadence to not be scared. Here the boys are pulling the girls on their back in a race across the pool. Em and Rob WON!!

And here's the girl swimming. 

Taking a much needed rest after all the swimming. 

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Elizabeth said...

Seriously?!?! You don't have any better pictures of the Bradleys than that? :) I look like I'm peeing on the sidewalk... and us losing the water race - How sad!

Your little fish is pretty darn amazing though! I miss you guys!