Monday, July 21, 2008


Last week Chris was home all week so one day we decided to go and pick blackberries. A couple of weeks ago we had been at the park with some friends and saw that there were wild blackberries growing in the woods that lined the park. So, off the Andersens went with a bowl to get enough blackberries to make a cobbler. 

Here was our start. 
Cadence was hot and only wanted to eat the blackberries out of the bowl. 

Chris found a shovel at the park because they were doing construction. He would use the shovel to hold down some of the thorns so that he could walk further back into the woods (we didn't really dress for the occasion)
I know these weren't black but it was hard to get a good picture of the black ones  on the vine - the unripened red ones showed up better. 
We finally had enough, came home to make the cobbler and I used the wrong kind of flour and the whole cobbler flopped. We all tried it but as Cadence said "dat yucky mommy"  It really was so I just threw it away. Maybe we'll do better next time :)

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