Friday, September 18, 2015

Swimming lessons with Mrs. Heather

We are so grateful to have a Mrs. Heather in our lives. For LOTS of reasons. but one of them is that she teaches swimming lessons and is AWESOME at it. So, come the beginning of June, we all load up daily and head to her house and her super fun pool to get better at swimming. This year began to show such marked improvement in our littles and their swimming abilities. 
We are so excited about this!

Here they are all ready for swimming lessons!!  It's hard to tell if they're more excited about swimming or playing on the swing set. Either way, we're always excited to go to Mrs. Heathers!

She does such a fantastic job building the kids confidence in their own ability 
and i'm pretty sure they trust her enough to do anything she asks of them :)  

Her daughters help with the swimming lessons and it's so awesome because that way the kids are getting worked with one on one to get better and better. 

and we always play a little golf while we're there too :)

Swimming lessons are the perfect way to kick off a summer of fun 
and we can't wait to see what all it holds!!

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