Friday, September 18, 2015

Dance Recital 2014

Our precious Cadence finished up her year of dance lessons in june with an end of year recital. We are so proud of her and the way she has worked so diligently to learn her dances this year. She is also developing into quite the leader in her dance class and shows lots of confidence in herself when she's dancing. Not to mention that she's beautiful and has a perfect body to be a dancer - we may be a little bias but we really do think she's the most beautiful one there ;)

This was her outfit for tap. 
We're so grateful for Ms. Charity always choosing beautiful and tasteful outfits 
for her dancers to wear. 

and this was ballet. she was so excited about her french maid outfit and the fact that she got to hold a serving tray for part of her routine. 

Ms. Charity and company in the grand finale!

and afterwards, pictures with her friends. Ella and Ally were so sweet to endure the entire 2+ hour recital to watch Cadence in her dances.

and of course Mrs. Karen always watches with us as well. We so love her and how she loves our kids! We couldn't hardly do life without Mrs. Karen :) 

us and our girl. We're so proud of her and can't wait to see her dances in the years to come!

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