Sunday, September 6, 2015

April Phone Dump

April was a pretty busy month in the Andersen world but here are some other "favorites" that were captured along the way. 

Creed shooting his bow and arrow at GiGi's house. 

All the good and set up for our traditional Seder meal on Maundy Thursday. 
One of our favorite nights of the year. 

Charis and Caleb at the Spring Sing for Preschool. 

Warmer weather means trips to some of our favorite parks to play!

Chris really likes his Spock Socks. 

and this lego hand was pulled out of Creeds ear one night. I went to clean his ears and he said to be careful with the Lego in there. Excuse me?!?!   Sure enough, we looked in and saw it! 
 I love that the mix of 5 kids keeps our lives so entertaining :)

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