Sunday, September 6, 2015

May Phone Dump

As May comes to a close and we get closer to summer, 
here are some of the happenings that went on this month. 
Caleb is getting better at writing his name!

This little man is FULL of personality and it is so fun to see more and more of it come out of him. We are so glad that God chose to make this Shaun Travolta Blackwood Jr. (STBJ2) an Andersen 

We have a family pass to go to some of the children's museums in NC and this month discovered for the first time the Charlotte Nature Museum!  It was such an unexpected surprise and had stuff for all the Andersens to enjoy.

some days this happens. It's hard work being such a good Daddy to this many kids!

Ice Cream and a trip to the park to celebrate the last day of School!!

Creed helping Daddy bring down the fires of Pentecost for church

these guys can't wait til they're really big enough to ride on the motorcycle!

and Cadence has been preparing all year for her dance recital. She's becoming such a good dancer! The mix of her natural rhythm with her long, lean graceful body is just beautiful and we are so proud of how hard she works to be a dancer!

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