Friday, September 18, 2015

Florida Vacation Fun

While Daddy has a week at church camp with the kids, we decided to head on down to Florida and start our vacation without him!  

All loaded up with Adaline too headed south!

this is how we roll for food purposes on a trip to Florida! A picnic at a rest area ;)

Green GiGi brought out all kinds of yummy snacks at Aunt Debbies pool. 
We love that she always brings the fun food to the party!

Cadence got to go to Aunt Aprils church camp for the week so it's just Mommy and the littles hanging out. We went to Paynes Creek Park to play and cool off some in the creek, but it was a little high for playing in...

Swimming at Aunt Aprils pool. I love that the common theme in a trip to Florida involves water!

at Aunt Aprils pool everyone was showing off their mad swimming skills and having a great time. Then Charis, accidentally, hit her mouth on the side of the pool :( it broke off one of her teeth we had had fixed when she first came to live with us. It didn't need to be repaired immediately but it did bleed enough that our pool day had to come to an end ;)

then we picked up Cadence from camp and drove to meet Grammie and Poppa at Solomons Castle!
I hadn't been there since I was a kid but it was a lot how i remembered it...the kids liked looking at all the cool stuff and especially eating dinner inside a big boat!

one of Grammie's friends offered to put Cadence's hair into  beads and we were so grateful! 
Getting her hair braided in the summer is a big treat for Cadence. 

a crazy dinner at CiCi's pizza with all the Murdock crew

and finally driving to Orlando to pick daddy up from the airport. and a few extra hours is a good reason to stop off at the Boardwalk at Disney and have some fun

and eat ice cream...but then we had to go because Daddy Was Coming!!!  

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