Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Florida Fun!

Family Time is the Best Time!!  
 and when we're in Florida, we will our family tank up till it overflows. Here's the yearly pic with all the cousins who were there in their semi-matching outfits from Grammie :)

the beach is the BEST place for a shrimp boil...just saying..

We pulled our camper down for this week and stayed in it right beside Green GiGi and Poppas camper. It was so much fun to kind of be "roughing it" but really to just have a great time with all our family. 

there's nothing like seeing the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico!

camper fun on a too hot day definitely includes play doh

One night Chris and i got to go out while the kids stayed with the grandparents. We chose to go play putt putt and in true Florida fashion, it rained :) but also in true Florida fashion, it went away pretty quickly and we kept playing!  and in Florida, there are live alligators along the putt putt courses 

We really love our time in Florida and are so glad that it always works out to be able to go down and spend time with our family. Hopefully it will work that way for years and years to come :)

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