Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cadence's Recital

This year Cadence has taken a tap/ballet combo class on Thursdays. We have had such a great time getting to know the other little girls in the class and watching Cadence learn a new skill and excel at it. So, now that we've practiced for an entire year, recital time finally came around. We have been practicing for weeks for this night!  Cadence was a little nervous about it all but she did such a great job!

This blue outfit was for tap. 

 and the pink one was ballet. She was so beautiful in both although we felt like the tap came easier to her because of her natural rhythm.   One of my favorite things about watching her in this type of setting was seeing what a leader she is. Because we practiced lots of days at home, she was very confident with her routines. It was interesting to watch other little girls watch her feet as she did the moves without ever questioning herself. It was such a great teachable moment to be able to tell her that when you work hard at something that there is never a need to question yourself in it. 
Practice really does make permanent :)

and afterward  - so relieved for it to be all over!

 The Palahnuks all came over from Raleigh to watch her dance. She was so excited that they were coming and talked about it for weeks ahead of time!  
We are so blessed to have these people as a part of her life.

 and these people too....part of our village that we couldn't survive without!

KayKay treated us all to sweetFrog afterwards!  Because it's hard to find a better way to celebrate months of practice and a job well done than with frozen yogurt covered in sour gummy worms :)


mama said...

She is a beautiful dancer! Gigi is so proud of her! Thanks for all the pics, sure wish I could have been there!!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I SO wish I could have been there for this! She is so big and beautiful and I'm not the least bit surprised that she knew her routine inside and out and was an example for the others. I love this girl. And I love seeing the ways your family lives out adoption. It's beautiful. Love you...