Thursday, June 6, 2013

Phone Dump for May

There is no excuse for being as far behind as I am on the blog - except maybe these 5 people and all the other posts that are being put up. WE'RE BUSY!!    
It's a good busy and a blessed busy but still BUSY!

So, here's some of the random cuteness and fun that has gone on this month....

This guy  officially owns us :)  i mean, how could you not love that face?

This girl is big and beautiful and such a HUGE blessing in our world!  I still can't believe that we get to raise her. It's a little challenging and a lot humbling all at the same time. 

We've been laying new floor....we want to eventually move to a house that holds us better but to do that we have to have floor that isn't conrete. So, we're laying new floor - a section at a time as the budget and time allow.

3 different sections - 3 different days...this is so  hard for my impatient self!
This third section is my favorite -not only because it looks good - but because it is down as a result of how much Chris loves me. It's been a pretty stressful season for me around here and one particularly stressful day when I felt like I had a million things that were undone and out of my control to be completed Chris went to Lowes, bought enough floor to finish our dining area, put on a movie for the kids, and we started laying floor. Stopped to referee fights, change diapers, go out to dinner, and put kids to bed and by the time Chris and I went to bed, this project was DONE!!!  I am so blessed to have a husband who knows me well enough to know when I just need something off my list. and Love that he will change an entire day just to make sure that I get something off my list. I definitely don't deserve this man but am so glad that he's mine. 

Back to the pictures!  now that it's warm, we have lots of days that look like this.....

which lead to moments that look like this!
          Shaun, the only 15 month old who still naps
                multiple times a day

2 - 2 year olds are double the fun! 

"piderman" because Creed has no "s" if it belongs at the beginning of a word :)

 Shaunie Stands!! But still doesn't walk :)

Drinking their own "coke" they thought they were big stuff! 
Who knew that $1.50 worth of orange soda could bring so much joy to their worlds!

Cadence LOVES her Daddy and wants to do everything with him these days - so he let her :)  She actually mowed the entire front yard and did a great job at it!

 Creed wanted to wear underwear and Daddy didn't want to deal with the mess 
so this was their compromise...

 at Lowes buying more floor!

I took a quick trip to FL with 3 kids and Chris had the big boys. 
So, they went to Discovery Place to play

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love your phone dump. They're such fun slices of real life.

And your new floor looks SO good!