Friday, June 7, 2013

Potty Training the 2 Year Olds

 There comes that time in a kids life where it's just necessary to move on from diapers. As a mom I've decided that this time mostly comes when parents are either tired of changing diapers or the diapers get so gross with adult-ish poop that parents vow to not change many more of them. In the Andersen house, the parents were at BOTH of those places :)  We had decided that we would wait until it got warm enough for the kids to be able to run around in their underwear/panties and so when we saw a window of time that was both warm and we were able to carve out a few days to be at home, 
the potty training began!

But first, you have to pick your underwear/panties out!  So, off to Target we went...

Creed chose "pider-man"

Livie chose Minnie Mouse

and so it began..... and I can honestly say that going into week 3 of no diapers we are doing so well!!  We are basically accident free. Olivia sleeps in panties but Creed still wets thru the night so he sleeps in a diaper. This Mama is LOVING the lack of diaper changing with only 1 kid in diapers. 

The first week Olivia caught on quicker than Creed did (which we expected). Olivia when she came was mostly potty trained but with her transitioning in and it being January - which means pants - I didn't have the patience to deal with potty training and adjust to 5 kids at the same time. So, we went back into diapers until I was ready to do both 2 year olds. That first week they basically would go potty when we told them to but wouldn't tell us they needed to go. Over the past couple of weeks that has changed to where as of today they both put themselves on the big potty to pee pee or poo poo! 

We are so proud of our two year olds and this huge change in their world! 

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Creed's face holding his underwear is priceless, and I'm so happy for YOU that potty training is / was a success. 4 down... 1 more to go! ;-)