Thursday, June 6, 2013


I took a few days in the middle of our craziness and added a little more by putting in a quick trip to FL. I really wanted to hang out with Terica before she left to go to the DR for the summer with her family so me, Cadence, Olivia and Shaun packed up and headed south.  We had such a great time hanging out with not only Terica and her kids but also the Allens, and Grannie and Poppa. I didn't take many pictures but the ones I did were at G & P's. So, to document our 3 days in FL.....

Shaun got to hang out with Rage since Aunt April and Uncle Luke are in Uganda getting Mace. He loved Rage's cage and Rage was such a good boy to share with him :)

and playing outside at Gran and Pop's. There's always plenty of fun to be had in their back yard!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

It's strange that it's strange to me to see Livie and Shaun at Grannie & Poppa's house when I've not yet held or hugged them. Weird huh? There's no reason that they "belong" anymore at your house than at Gran's and I never think it's strange to see them in photos at your house. I'm weird. I know.

On another note... I am shocked that Rage was being so nice to Shaun and even sharing his "space". It gives me hope that Mace and Rage just might make it. ;-)

And yes... my baby is sleeping and I'm finally alone at a computer for more than 5 minutes, hence the comment dump.