Thursday, June 6, 2013

Caleb's Spring Sing

 This year for Caleb's Spring Sing at Preschool Chris and I were scheduled to be out of town at a family ministry conference. That didn't all work out as planned (another post) but the preschool let us come to the rehearsal to watch Caleb and all his friends perform their songs.

Click HERE for a short video of them singing :)

and some pictures to go with it because he is just so cute! 
 He didn't do much singing but we enjoyed it anyway. 

It's hard to believe that a whole year of preschool is over. when I think back to the beginning of the year and all the things he didn't know (numbers, letters, colors) and to see him now, I'm totally blown away. We were so blessed by his teachers and the time they took with him. We have discovered these days that he has even found his "L" when he talks and even though he has to slow down and be intentional about using it, his preschool teachers working on that have saved us more speech therapy!  

and here's a last day of school picture. We are so proud of our big man and can't wait to see how he does in the 4 year old class!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Is it just me or was your boy talking to you guys "Hi Dad" more than he was singing? ;-)

It has been forever since I've heard all those verses to that song. I'll have to sing it to Rebeka when she's wailing and we're trying to distract her.