Monday, July 15, 2013


Chris and I both had the previlige this year of going to youth camp with our kids from church. Because we have awesome friends who loved on our babies all week, we were able to engage with and have a great time with some pretty great teenagers!  We went to Charleston, SC to participate in MFuge - a youth camp with a mission emphasis. So, the 3 full days of camp we spent on worksites all over Charleston.

Our group devotion times always involved at least 1 round of Llama, Llama....

and time in the Word :)

It was so great to see our kids love on low income/at risk kids in Charleston. CHris and I both love that the heart of our youth group is to serve and love others. and our kids lead the way in it with the groups that they worked with. We were so proud!

The emergency hatch flew off the bus we were riding on from a work site
 - as it poured was HILARIOUS!!

 The last night I, along with the other female chaperone, took the girls to the beach. I firmly believe that if it's a full moon and a clear night and you're within a reasonable driving distance to the beach that you should probably go see the moon on the ocean. and the girls we went!  

and thankfully Karen and Monica would send pics like this from home to ensure us that our kids were being loved and having fun - not that we had any questions about it. 

 oh to be a teenager again.....not for all the money in the world!!

and on our last day we stopped by the beach for a few hours to get sunburned play!

We are so blessed to be able to minister and lead this group of kids. 
They make our job easy and we love doing life with them!

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