Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun with Yellow GiGi

Spending a week in FL always has the potential to be lots of fun and this year didn't disappoint!  After being at Disney on Saturday, Sunday we packed up in the afternoon and headed to Aunt April's church for a Christmas Eve service. It was a family service so both Cadence and Jane were big enough to be in the service with us. I loved getting to share the songs, candlelight, sermon and SNOW with my big girl!

Here we all are in the snow!!...only at Bayside :)

 After the service we tried to get a picture of GiGi and Poppa with all their babies 
- a little easier said than done. 

 and while Mom took lots of pictures of people in front of this beautiful tree in the Bayside foyer, I missed it because I was loading my million kids into the car. However, this one is blog-worthy because of Creeper Rob in the background. Hilarious. 
 and on Monday before heading up to celebrate Christmas Eve with the big family, the Wilson grandkids decorated a Gingerbread house with their GiGi!

The boys really did lots more candy eating than decorating. 

 The poor girls had to tolerate the boys and their lack of vision for the house. so we had a "girl" side and a "boy" side and that seemed to help. 

Girl Roof
 Boy Roof

 All in all it turned out to be a pretty cute house! and was so much fun to decorate. 

We are so thankful for a GiGi who plans fun stuff for the kids to do!

Disney Day

We headed south a few days before Christmas to get in some extra family time. And it was so much fun!!  On Saturday, some friends of Emily and Rob's had some extra holiday tickets to use at Disney so, they offered them to us and it's pretty hard to give up a free day at Disney, so we took it :)

Here we are at Hollywood Studios waiting on the Lourceys to join us. 

None of our kids have ever been to Hollywood Studios so it was fun for them to get to see something new. There was a Playhouse Jr. Show that was a HUGE hit because Jake and the Neverland Pirates showed up along with Mickey Mouse and his gag. The boys especially loved this show. 

 Waiting in line to See the Little Mermaid Show - we kept the kids busy by feeding them lunch :)

and after the Little Mermaid, headed over to see Belle at the Beauty and the Beast show.
 Cadence loved this part. She looks totally mesmerized doesn't she? 

After seeing Beauty and the Beast we headed to the buses and went to Animal Kingdom because we had VIP seats for a showing of the Lion King!!  While waiting to get into Animal Kingdom there was a plane writing words in the sky. It was such a beautiful day!

This is what we looked like going thru the park: 2 strollers, 5 kids 6 and under, 2 Mamas, an Aunt Cara, a GiGi/Grammie, and Cara's friend Matt. We were a sight to see!

 At the Lion King Show Princess Cadence was picked to represent the giraffes!! And she did it well :)

There is a section in the show where kids are picked to come out and dance around the stage with all the characters. They asked Cadence if she wanted to come but she was a little shy. You know who wasn't shy? Caleb Shaun, that's who!  He volunteered to go and had such a great time dancing around with his shakers!

 It was so fun that at the end of that number Timon singled Caleb out to talk to.
 What a special treat for us all!

Enjoying the rest of the show....

and after the show we got to go backstage and meet everyone!! Caleb was especially excited about this part :)  He talked and gave high fives to everyone!  He even got in on some of the picture taking and took these pictures of his new friends :)

 Including the stage manager - i bet it's not every day she gets her picture taken!

What a great, unexpected day at Disney!  We had so much fun and are so thankful for these little treats that people bless us with!

The drive home....

We stopped at Cracker Barrel because dinner was needed. The kids did great there too so Grammie took their picture :)