Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vienna, Austria

After our half day in Bratislava, we packed up and got on the road again. This time to Austria. We knew when we had crossed the border because all of a sudden there were these fields of windmills!!  They were awesome and really big on both sides of the road as we drove towards Vienna. 

These are some pictures we took on public transportation in Austria. It was a little more confusing than Prague just because Liz and Shan didn't know it as well, but they are such pros at public transit that we figured it out :)  

Apparently vampires can ride subways too because this guy looked just like on to me and Shannon!  So much that we made Liz and Chris pose so we could take a picture of him :)
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It was so fun to have so much face time with Liz!!  We figured out that we hadn't spent 10 days straight together in probable over 10 years!

 We visited Beethoven's city house in Vienna but it was a Monday and it was closed :(  It's still pretty amazing to think of the genius-ness that took place in that building. I love Beethoven. He's definitely my favorite dead guy. 

 We also loved that they had McDonalds!!  It's amazing how good an egg McMuffin tastes in another country - and I don't even like Egg McMuffins. Other things about McDonalds we loved was that their "coffee" was actually cappuccino that wasn't awful, and they served beer as a beverage option. Not that we drank one, because a BigMac and beer just don't go together. 

 There was a marathon going on on Sunday so after attending a Mozart Mass in a Jesuit church, we went out and cheered on the runners!

 We went into this church because it was beautiful and probably famous but because it was a Sunday, there were actually people praying and stuff in there and it just seemed weird to be a tourist in a place where people were attempting to meet with God. So, we left. 

This is a cake friends!! It was amazing. 

 I don't know what the top building is but I know the bottom one is their parliament house. We liked the driveway. 
 This sign made us laugh because it was for a men's running club. So, Shannon "posed" while Chris tried out the sport setting on our new camera :)

and then he made Liz run backwards with him on a trail. 
 and then we found a bowling alley!!  and since it was miserable and cold outside, and we could, we decided to bowl!  It was super fun and for the record, the Andersens won!!  So, while it didn't get us the trophy that the Bradleys won at the Wilson Family Annual Bowling Tournament at Christmas. it's just good to know we could beat them :)


The Lourceys said...

No way you went bowling in Austria. That. is. amazing. And it's crazy to think that you haven't spent that much time with Liz in so long. Also, fun that you saw Beethoven's house, did you see any Sound of Music stuff? I'm glad you got a picture of the windmills because that's definitely what I would think of when I think of Austria, but I've always imagined them in the middle of a green field, not next to a highway. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Still bummed that I didn't look into more ahead of time to know when we should visit Beethoven's house. Oh well.

Cheering on the marathon people might be one of my favorite Vienna memories. And that picture that you didn't know what it was... it's either the Natural History museum or Art History museum. They're identical buildings that face each other on the grounds behind the Hapsburg Palace.

Shannon said...

Despite my super lateness catching up on blog reading, I'm really enjoying "revisiting" your visit with us. It was enjoyable and very memorable for me / us!

I like the entire post, but I'll just comment on a few things. Congratulations again on the bowling victory! While I'm happy for the Andersens, I'm ashamed at what may be my lowest score ever. I know my first time (at Heather and Kelly Wolfe's adolescent birthday party) I bowled in the 80's. Just shameful.

Also Elizabeth, I'm pretty sure that the building is the Natural History Museum... not that the animal and dinosaur posters or the sign above our heads has to be conclusive. :-)