Saturday, May 12, 2012

Schönbrunn Palace

 In Vienna, there were both the regular palace and the summer palace of the people in the Habsburg Dynasty. This is the regular palace. We didn't go in it, I'm not sure why, but we did look at the outside!

 These were old ruins that had been uncovered. I forget the timeline of it but it was really old. Like Jesus old. 

 The palace was where the marathon had started so there were lots of tents and stuff set up!

 and THIS is the summer palace. If I were a ruler of Austria, I would have stayed at the Summer palace all the time because it was really cool and the grounds were amazing and much better for kids to run around on! There were mazes, playgrounds, a labyrinth, a big bird cage, and lots of water and fountains. and that wasn't counting the inside of the place. 

We toured the inside but you couldn't take pictures of it. So, we just have pics of the outside stuff. 

We all loved how manicured it was. I think Chris was just glad he didn't have to mow it :)

There were lots of statues. I think when I googled it, google said there were 32. We didn't take pictures of all 32 of them but here are a couple. 

The Big Bird House
 Anyone that knows us Wilson girls at all, knows that we are terrified of birds. But the grounds reminded me of some of my "christian romance novels" and in one of them the man was building a bird place and so I wanted to see one. It's surprising how accurate my picture in my head was :) However, the closer we got the more birds started showing up!  And Shannon and Chris thought it would be a good idea to feed them. I think it started with Shannon trying to feed a squirrel but birds showed up instead and there were lots of them!  Which pretty much meant Liz and I took off. But the boys took pictures of each other feeding birds out of their hands.

 I thought this thing was cool. It would be a fountain but it wasn't on. It was still cool. 

See the water shooting up over my head? This is the castle from there. 

and this is where you could cut thru the bushes to be right behind the water. It was really neat. 

Then there was a really long walk up to the pinnacle of the grounds. However, you need to realize that it was about 34 degrees outside and wet. So, we were pretty miserable but it's not like Chris and I would ever be there again to see stuff, so we endured the miserable weather. However, we did have the option to take a more direct, somewhat sheltered by trees walk or zig zag our way up. Liz and Shan wanted to zig zag but my legs were saying NO!!!  

Here we are discussing :)

Where we were headed!  The Gloriette 

 It was a beautiful structure and the view from it was amazing!

 We walked back the way I wanted to thru the woods. and I was glad we did! Not only was it less wet, we got to see some cool stuff. Trees. squirrels, ducks, it wasn't an awful walk...I'm just saying....

Then we cut across the grounds to the fun kid stuff. There was also a zoo on the property but we decided the animals were probably as miserable as we were and weren't up for being seen. So, we didn't go to it. 

We did go to the fun mirrors tho because you shouldn't ever pass those up :)

This maze was aMAZEing!  It was really fun even in the rain. and there was this fun lookout thing in the middle of it where my umbrella totally "Mary Poppins-ed" in the wind. 

More interesting play stuff.....You rode this thing from side to side and it made water shoot up!

 and you could jump on these for no reason at all
 There were more of the bell things like in Bratislava and once Chris realized that it was made up of all the black  notes on the piano, I knew I could play a song by jumping between them. So, for your listening pleasure....Amazing Grace :)
 Liz climbed up the ropes to sit in this bird. It was really cold up there so Chris and I decided against it. But Shannon got in it too although we don't have pictures of it. But it was funny because he bounced it so hard that it sounded like it broke....but it didn't.... just made us all laugh really loud like Americans

 Liz wanted an artsy picture of the tulips in the foreground and the palace blurry in the back so Shannon obliged her while she supervised :)  

This day was so fun!  Even in the weather. We debated on staying an extra night so as to be able to play in the sun the next day, but we had to get back. So, our road trip was coming to an end. 


Elizabeth said...

Definitely, hands-down, my favorite post of your trip. :) And what I said in another post about the Opera House tour being my favorite "new thing" with you guys was only half true. It's most certainly a tie between the Opera House and Schonbrunn. :) I loved this day... even if it was cold and wet and gross. Looking at me in the metal bird, I can't help but remember how stinkin' cold my hands were holding onto that metal!

p.s. We didn't tour the Hapsburg Palace b/c the tour is just a bunch of old dishes and silver. :) And you had to pay. And they were closed.

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to say... that video of you playing Amazing Grace is awesome. It was dumb of me not to stick around and watch you in all your awesomeness... especially considering that I never did find shelter to get out of the rain. ;)

p.p.s. Mom and April need to stop reading posts on their i-phones and then not commenting on them b/c it's too much effort. These posts are amazing and they need to tell you so! ;)

Shannon said...

While I enjoyed the Opera House, I think my favorite new thing was Schonbrunn. It was impressively beautiful and awe-inspiring (sometimes I'm sad that the meaning of awesome has been devalued and changed), but also included nature (squirels and ducks and [other] birds, oh my!) as well as the fun "kid" elements!

It was also much more fun to share these things with you guys than it would have been with just the two of us!

For the record, Chris was the one bouncing me in the bird! ...and yeah, I thought we broke it at first. :-)