Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bratislava, Slovakia

Because the countries in Eastern Europe are so close together, we wanted to take advantage of that and visit more than one. So, we packed up in the car and started out on a road trip!  First stop, Bone Church, second stop, Bratislava!!  In case you don't know, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. There's really not a ton to do in Bratislava. We knew that when their national tourist websites said to take a ride on the River and enjoy their awesome coffee shops.... but we had a great time walking around.

Here we are on the Danube River. Every time we mentioned "bratislava" or "slovakia" for a month leading up to our trip Chris would burst out in song singing "The Blue Danube"  So, as we walked around Bratislava, we heard and arranged this song more times than you could imagine. Sometimes complete with harmonies and dancing :)

This big tower was on the bridge that crossed the Danube but we didn't go up in it. 

Our Hotel!

Since we didn't know much about Bratislava, we just made up our fun as we came across it. Like finding random statues (or bicycles) to pose with. 

The Andersens with Hans Christian Andersen

We did go up to the castle in Bratislava. It had lots of steps.....
A view of the castle from the ground before we started climbing. 

This gate dropped off to nothing. 
We didn't go into the castle because it cost more Euros than we wanted to pay. Especially since it wasn't really an old castle that was still original. and they were doing work on most of it. 
They did have lots of statues and a well that was perfect for spitting in. 

A view of Bratislava from the Castle. 

The American Embassy

Leftover decorations from their easter markets. 

This was a monk talking to someone on the streets. So, we took his picture :)
They had a fun little park area that had interesting things to do. You jumped on this board. I don't really know why, I guess just because you can. Shannon was much better at it than me!

This thing you stepped on and it made different musical tones. It was pretty fun. 

I thought this roof looked cool. 
This building still has a bomb shell stuck in it from World War 2. It's the black dot by the window.

Overall we had a great time just walking around and having fun. 

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Elizabeth said...

That crazy-haired statue with the creepy birds picture makes me laugh out loud. It's even better than I imagined it would be.