Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steps, steps, and more steps.....

This may be the LAST post about our trip!!! (maybe)

I can honestly say that this is the first vacation that I've ever been on where I woke up, literally, every day and needed to take Aleve to help me get out of bed. We figured out the secret to skinny Europeans: not much food and LOTS of walking!!  I'm not complaining...we had a great time and enjoyed most of the steps we took,  but there were lots of them :)  So, this entire post will just be pictures of some of the steps that we walked up. I hope you enjoy!

these weren't technically steps, you would have had the option to ride the trolley to the top of the mountain, but we walked instead because why you a trolley when you have 2 perfectly good feet?

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Elizabeth said...

I don't even remember some of these steps. Others (i.e. the ones Chris almost fell down) I'll never forget!