Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Potty Training with Caleb Shaun

Potty Training just may be one of the most bitter sweet times for me with our children. As much as I look forward to the day of never again having to change a poopie diaper, the thought of my children big enough to not need me to change them makes me a little sad. I had thought that we would potty train both boys this summer but Creed isn't quite ready to Caleb seems to be very ready so, 
the adventure begins!  

We officially started on Monday and as of today, Wednesday, we've been pretty succcessful!  We did throw away one pair of underwear last night at McDonalds because as much as I love Woody, Woody full of poop can just go in the garbage when we're in public! 

So, enjoy some pictures of one ridiculously cute little boy who is so proud of himself and his new underwear :)

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