Monday, May 7, 2012

Other Prague Fun!

I'm really trying to wrap up our time in Prague (now that we're about a million posts in) so here are some random pics of other fun stuff we did/saw

A stop at Starbucks - because they're necessary!
 This elevator was so cool!  It's super old and runs constantly. It's in a random building downtown but luckily Liz and Shan knew about it. We had to act like we weren't playing on it because the security people will kick you out if you do. Anyway, the elevator is in perpetual motion and has compartments that you just step into at your floor as a platform comes around. You then ride it until you get to the floor you're going to and you step off, without it ever stopping!!  it was so fun and we laughed ALOT! all while trying not to so as to not get in trouble :)  which we didn't!!  Even after Shannon took pictures of us!

One of the nights in Prague, we went to see this water and music show. It was SUPER cold and the water didn't help any. but we endured :)  We thought it would have a live orchestra - because that's what the website said - but really, it was recorded music and the water and lights just went with it. We saw the show that was music of Hans Zimmer (think Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, etc.)  It was really cool to watch and at times the water even made a "screen" where they would show pieces of the movies set to music. So cool!!  We sure don't have this kind of stuff randomly set up in Mooresville :)

This was probably my favorite church that we went into our entire trip - maybe even better than the bone church!  It was beautiful to me mostly because it was so simple and yet so elegant all at the same time. It was in the same town as the Bone Church so we toured them the same day. That Saturday was definitely a good church day for us!

Look how tall those ceilings are!!

Some of the only ornate paintings in the entire place. 
OK, I'm not gonna lie, this guy was weird!! and there were 2 of them!  They are old Popes or Bishops or something in glass caskets. We didn't know if this was because it was close to the Bone Church or just because this was how these people decided to honor these particular guys, but either way it was strange. Since all their flesh had decayed and it was just bones left, the clothes were literally sown onto the bones so that you could see the bones mixed in with the clothes. Like it was part of the outfit! It was definitely strange :)

Look at these stained glass windows. I LOVED how simple they were. Different colors just lined the outside of the windows that lined the entire building. It was definitely the most unique stain glass I had ever seen. 


The Lourceys said...

I want to go on that elevator when we visit! I'm really shocked that you didn't get kicked out.

Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty surprised we didn't get kicked off the elevator too!

I also am so glad we went to the water show. I hope to go back sometime for a show that has dancers... and when the weather is warmer of course!