Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girls Weekend!

This past weekend Cadence and I went on a trip - just the 2 of us - to Florida! It was Tara's baby shower, Terica is in the states, and overall I was in need of some time "south" so Cadence and I headed out.

Killing time in the airport

I took no pictures of our time at Terica's but it was lots of fun just hanging out and letting our kids play. It's so fun that we all have kids that , for the most part, enjoy playing together.

The next day was Tara's baby shower - which I also took no pictures of :) and then we went back the the Allen's house to hang out. Cadence and Xander played during the shower and then we all went back to their house. Tara and I worked on the Myra's nursery and caught up while the kids played and watched a movie.

That evening, Xander's school was having a Trunk or Treat so we thought it would be fun to go to! Xander was already planning to be a pirate and since we didn't bring Cadence's halloween costume, we put together a girl pirate outfit and off we went!

Getting Candy!
This truck was by far the best "trunk or treat" trunk I've ever seen!
There were games to play and inflatables to jump on and of course pictures to color (Cadence was really excited for the coloring)

After a full day with the Allen's we headed south to Green GiGi's to spend the night. Lellow GiGi had been shopping and brought back a coloring book so they got to color some more!
What a full weekend in FL leaves you feeling like :)

After a super long (5 hour) delay in Punta Gorda, we were finally on the plane to go home. Probably the only advantage to the delay was that the sky was beautiful as the sun set while we flew. So, we took some pictures of it for Daddy to see :)

I'm so thankful, not only for great friends and family in FL, but for the chance to spend some one-on-one time with our girl. She's growing up much too fast for my liking and with the
busy-ness of the 2 boys I feel like I often miss sweet moments to just enjoy being with her. So, when there's a whole weekend full of fun - Cadence style - it's a great chance to recharge my tank with her and at the same time savor every moment with her because they're going by way too quickly!

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Elizabeth said...

So. Much. Fun.

And so happy for you and your girl that you could get some quality time just the two of you!