Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun in Raleigh

A couple of weekends ago while Chris was busy with the youth at church, we took the opportunity to go to Raleigh and hang out with all our people over there! We had so much fun with KayKay, Amanda, Brandy and her girls, and Emily, Rob, Jane and Cora. It's so great that they're all so close together so that we get the bonus of seeing everyone at once :)

On Saturday, in KayKay's neighborhood, they were having a Fall Festival that we all met up at.

Here we are on the train ride. The kids really did enjoy it!

They had these big hamster balls that we convinced Cadence to do. She's such a trooper and did great!

all while the brothers cheered her on.....

Playing the dancing video games with Mya

Trying to fit 3 kids in a double stroller! Caleb Shaun wasn't having anything to do with it!

After lunch at Subway where KayKay loaded everyone up with Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Creed enjoyed his :)

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