Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something other than church stuff :)

Not a ton has gone on in the Andersen house as we're gearing up for the holidays but since this blog has been way more neglected than it should be, here are some pictures of some of the stuff we've done lately. Nothing spectacular, just everyday life!

An afternoon at the park - always a good distraction while Daddy is teaching.

Look at how big this girl is! I love her big self!

Caleb climbed up and went down the big slide all by himself! He was so proud :)

Corn on the Cob for dinner. I love Creed's fat squishy fingers. and he LOVES corn on the cob! Seriously, if we all had the passion for life that he has for corn, we could accomplish great things :)

We were all so thankful for a warm day in November! Everything stopped and we just played outside instead...

Middle School girls learning how to cook! So fun and Cadence wanted to go - and why wouldn't we let her? If Cadence is going to aspire to be like someone, these girls are definitely on our list of people for her to look up to! She got to make the brownies and then lick the bowl so it was a good day in her world :)

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Elizabeth said...

Um, yes please... more everyday life posts!!! Love the squishy fingers... and your big girl's big hair. Am so looking forward to going to the park with the Andersen 3 soon!