Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fun!

We're full on in the swing of things having to do with "Fall" around the Andersen house. Halloween costumes have been picked (that post will be tomorrow - hopefully), we're decorated for fall, eating fall foods that have to do with pumpkin or a crock pot :), and so with that we needed to carve and decorate pumpkins and make pumpkin cookies.

Emily and Mary came over to play and so we decided to make pumpkin cookies with them. The girls had so much fun decorating their cookies. It's funny how detailed they are these days!
Hard at work

Caleb did way more eating than decorating :)

Look at that - they even did their own icing!

Creed pretty much just ate candy!

Finished products

The next day we decided to carve and decorate pumpkins. We waited patiently (kind of) for Daddy to get home from work so we could get started on the pumpkin. Cadence couldn't remember cleaning out a pumpkin before so it was kind of new for everyone. It didn't bother Cadence and Creed too much.
Caleb was much less sure about it :)

Posing with and attacking Daddy with pumpkins. I look at this picture and can hear Caleb saying "cheese"

Cadence's pumpkin was a little bigger because she's bigger than the boys :)

Everyone hard at work!

After much coaxing, Caleb decided that the pumpkin brains weren't so bad after all!

Happy Fall!
Love, the Andersens!


mama said...

So fun! Wish I had been there!!

The Lourceys said...

I know I say this on almost every post but you seriously have the cutest kids ever. Am I even allowed to say that since I have my own?! I'm a slacker mom who took no pictures of pumpkin cookie making this year. :(

Elizabeth said...

If this was facebook I'd "like" Emily's comment. Those cookies are hysterical. You're such a good mom for letting them mess-n-gom. ;) And you get a gold star for encouraging Caleb to play with pumpkin guts!!! His cheese picture makes me smile. :)