Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year for Halloween the Force was with us! For all the drama that Christians bring around this time of year, it is still super fun to get to dress our kids up, load them up with sugar, keep them out way too late, and have them entice strangers to give them the candy :)

All that aside, here are our 3 Star Wars people trying to pose for a picture. Caleb obviously wasn't much into it but he's 2 - so what do you expect? Creed wouldn't stay still - which is why he's being man-handled by his sister AKA Princess Leia (and yes I did her hair myself!) :)

Caleb at least got a little less zombie-like once we let him have the light saber - although both Cadence and Creed look a little worried in the pictures where he has it.....I wonder why...

Creed excited that Caleb and his light saber walked away!

Caleb saying "cheese" again. I don't know why he tilts his head to the side to say it - but he always does!
and of course our beautiful Princess. She's pretty much awesome!
From 3-5 our downtown businesses hand out candy. So, us and most of Mooresville, dressed up early and headed out to get free candy.

The boys - perfectly content with their lollipops from the bank.

The ridiculous line of people that crawled along the sidewalk to get a piece of candy. We didn't do that...

we walked the opposite of the flow of traffic on the OTHER side of the street and got our candy that way! Chris wasn't thrilled about this, but I thought it was a good idea.

Creed in a sugar coma. The muck on his face is where stickiness from candy has mixed with the felt of his $5 costume and made his face ultra-dirty.

We went to the Kales along with the Devines, Lewis', and Starings and busted out the fire pit for the evening. It was so fun! Our boys are way into fire - which is scary - but thankfully with enough adults around, we were safe!

and this is the sign of a really fun day....


Elizabeth said...

:) Their costumes are so cute. :)

relying on God said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like too much fun:)