Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Songs for Hootenanny

Here are the links to all the songs in one place! Happy Learning!


Elizabeth said...

Um... what is hootenanny? Am assuming it's church related, but what kind of a name is hootenanny?!? ;)

Ashleigh said...

HA! Yes liz, Hootenanny is an AWESOME name! Chris made it up (no surprise there) Our whole kids thing at church is called Came Teachittomee and we have different classes called "camps' Camp Crawlers, walkers, climbers, hikers, backpackers (for the different ages) and so when we decided to combine all the elementary kids for a large group service, it needed a name. And so Chris called it a Hootenanny! It's a dumb name, but kind of fitting all at the same time :) So, I use the blog to put up the songs we're doing for worship this month - because it's not like I'm blogging much these days :( Just think, this way you get to see part of what Chris does for work and hear about our kids; all in the same spot!