Monday, December 5, 2011

Mooresville Christmas Parade!

Growing up in Wauchula, my expectations for parades weren't ever very high. Don't get me wrong, a half-day of school so that we could all meet at the Junior High to walk down Main Street in a parade is great, but we were no New York City! Lots of horses, every rescue worker in town, and the band and we were good to go. Well, this year I realized that even tho I now live about 700 miles from Wauchula, I've basically found it all over again in NC! With a few things that are specifically Mooresville-ian added in just for fun :)

PS I laughed out loud as I wrote this post so if you don't think it's funny or even find it offensive, I'm really sorry! I realize that my sense of humor is much different than most people's so if you just want to look at the pictures and not read the words or just wait 3 weeks for the next post, it's all good in my world :)

here we are waiting for the festivities to begin!

Mooresville's Finest - I have yet to get a ticket from one of these guys and I'm really hoping to keep it that way!

These were high schoolers so that's pretty cool

I think this is the Mooresville High School Band! I say "think" because there were 2 other bands in the parade that wore the same colors so I'm not sure of what band this is.....but we'll go with Mooresville High :)

Could you have a parade in Mooresville without a salute to Nascar? evidently not...

Obviously it was a captivating parade!

not really sure what this is all about but they're festive none the less

Remember when these cars were cool?!? Oh wait, it's in a parade in Mooresville so it must still be cool here....

These people weren't the king and queen of anything! They're actually the photographers from Hannah and Justin's wedding! Advertising at its finest right here on our blog. So, if you really want to get your name out there, dress up like you're getting married and ride down Main Street on the back of a car!

At least it was an equal opportunity parade :)

This truck coming up the road is the remax float complete with small hot air balloon and gigantic hot air balloon fire that would send an actual hot air balloon up in the air.
Creed (kind of) liked it :)

Our collection of trash and candy

your eyes aren't deceiving you, that is a charter bus and a dump truck - both in the parade
and the sad part is that our kids were genuinely excited by it!

Well not Creed, I think the fire did him in - but he's super sweet all candied up sleeping on Hannah!

Camel - for a minute I thought I was at the Story of Jesus - but no - just the Mooresville Christmas Parade...

and there he is friends, the pinnacle of the entire event - Santa Claus! In a too red outfit being pulled by a pick up truck.

and the assumption is that this is Mrs. Claus - in her red buick following, literally, right behind the Santa Claus float. and then the parade was over.

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Elizabeth said...

Laughed out loud. A lot. Mostly at the dump truck and bus and your kiddos glee. And of course at Mrs. Claus in her Buick. And at your retelling of it all. I love you and your sense of humor. ;)