Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hanging out at home

August has brought us back into a normal routine (YAY!!!)  and so with that, Cadence has also settled back into a routine of normal things after a busy summer. Here are some pictures of her around the house doing what Cadence does. 

Reading books. By the way, she LOVES these princess books. They're each a story about a Disney princess and she reads them all every day sometimes several times a day. And for some reason she has changed all the princesses names to Debbie. So, whenever she's reading them to herself she talks alot about Debbie instead of Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, etc. It is so funny! 

Jumping on our bed......again. i know we shouldn't allow it but she likes it and doesn't get hurt too often. This particular day I was actually trying to get pictures of the dress because it's from Aunt Emily and has her monogram embroidered on the front of it. She just wanted to jump and me get pictures of it so she could see herself. but I did manage to get one of her posing in the dress. 
Cadence asks for cake everyday since her birthday. She usually asks for an Elmo cake (which she hasn't had since her birthday in FL) so on this day we were making brownies and of course, she got to lick the bowl. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Little Monkey

Cadence has a new trick that she loves. It's called jumping onto Daddy's bed. She has figured out that once she is on the bed, she can climb over to his night stand and jump from it back onto the bed. I tried to capture the whole thing in pictures. 

On the bed with Daddy 

Climbing over to the table. 

Getting Ready. 
1.......3.........5......CHICKEN!!!!  (this is what she says when she jumps. It started at the beach in FL and is still her favorite way to count)

In case you're wondering, yes she has gotten hurt. Yesterday she fell getting to the table and ended up with a really big scratch on her stomach. It didn't stop her tho because as I type this she's jumping again :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shae's Singing Debut!!

Tonight we were fixing to put Cadence to bed when she decided that she wanted to play the piano first. I'm so glad we let her stay up. She started singing and then wanted me (Ashleigh) to play too. So, after the doo doo song and the moon song, I thought I'd try Jesus Loves me. I didn't know she even knew it. So, whoever taught it to her, THANK YOU!!!  She started singing with me and we immediately ran for the camera. You've got to capture stuff this sweet. So, it's on You Tube and of course, I don't know how to sync them together so, here's the link. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More from Florida

Here are some more pics from our FL trip. I know they're late, but hey, at least they're up. Now if only they were scrapbooked..........

The Murdock village at the beach. I always feel bad for the people around us when we all come moving in to the beach. 15 chairs, 2 umbrellas, enough snacks for a small country, skim boards, beach pails, shovels, and a large load of beach towels always accompany us when we're all there. 


Playing in the pool. 


Playing in the Rain


Cadence and Kagan

I love the picture of Grannie and Poppa. Cadence took it while we were at dinner one night. 


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cadence telling her version of the Lazy 5


click on this to see Shae talking about the birdies that April is posting about. 

I dood it myself, Mommy

Our little independent girl has struck again!!  She has been going to the potty all by herself lately (when we remind her to go) and she is very much into taking off her pull-up and putting it back on herself. She doesn't quite get the whole one leg in each hole concept yet and so we often have issues when she goes to put her pull-up back on. This day I had offered to help her but she said she could "dood it herself" so I let her and this is what she came out of the bathroom looking like. 

Doing a little dance because she was so proud of herself. :)

We're still working on it and this was a clean pull-up that had to then be ripped off of her. We do love our independent girl and just keep reminding ourselves that one day she will rule the world. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Birthday

For her birthday this year we wanted to get Cadence a kitchen for her to play with. It's been in our garage for several weeks and she's tried to play with it but we just distract her from it. On Sunday afternoon we pulled it into the living room for her to play with for the first time. We have eaten more pretend pizza, cookies and coke in the last few days than in our whole lives but she's had lots of fun with it. Yesterday she even brought me and one of my piano students a cup of coffee during our lesson. It was hysterical.

The Palahnuks brought Cadence her very first American Girl baby. it is a bitty baby and it came all the way from Los Angeles!!  It is so cute and Cadence is enjoying carrying it all over the place. She came with a little suitcase full of outfits and a blanket and bottles that make the playing go that much longer. 

We asked our friends to not bring presents for Cadence to her party. We are so blessed to have lots of toys to play with already and since we were doing a flip flop cake (see the other post) Chris and I thought that it would be fun for them to bring something to give away. In keeping with the shoe theme, we went with Operation Christmas Child where you fill a shoe box full of stuff for kids that won't get anything for Christmas. We asked everyone to bring stuff for a little girl age 2-4. Our friends and family were awesome and came thru with so much stuff. We ended up with 4 shoe boxes!!!!  That is so cool because that means that thru Cadence's birthday, 4 little girls will have a whole shoe box full of stuff to open on Christmas!! and it was some super cool stuff too :)  Thanks to everyone who participated in making Cadence's birthday so special not only for her but for other little girls as well.