Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hanging out at home

August has brought us back into a normal routine (YAY!!!)  and so with that, Cadence has also settled back into a routine of normal things after a busy summer. Here are some pictures of her around the house doing what Cadence does. 

Reading books. By the way, she LOVES these princess books. They're each a story about a Disney princess and she reads them all every day sometimes several times a day. And for some reason she has changed all the princesses names to Debbie. So, whenever she's reading them to herself she talks alot about Debbie instead of Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, etc. It is so funny! 

Jumping on our bed......again. i know we shouldn't allow it but she likes it and doesn't get hurt too often. This particular day I was actually trying to get pictures of the dress because it's from Aunt Emily and has her monogram embroidered on the front of it. She just wanted to jump and me get pictures of it so she could see herself. but I did manage to get one of her posing in the dress. 
Cadence asks for cake everyday since her birthday. She usually asks for an Elmo cake (which she hasn't had since her birthday in FL) so on this day we were making brownies and of course, she got to lick the bowl. 


mama said...

Yummy!! Grammie's baby is sooo sweet and I miss her hugs!

Renee said...

I always let my kids jump on the bed when they were little....
My kids favorite: Staying in a hotel. We push the beds close together and they jump from bed to bed or flip from bed to bed.
no broken bones only a few minnor bumps! However Kyndall now jumps everywhere