Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More from Florida

Here are some more pics from our FL trip. I know they're late, but hey, at least they're up. Now if only they were scrapbooked..........

The Murdock village at the beach. I always feel bad for the people around us when we all come moving in to the beach. 15 chairs, 2 umbrellas, enough snacks for a small country, skim boards, beach pails, shovels, and a large load of beach towels always accompany us when we're all there. 


Playing in the pool. 


Playing in the Rain


Cadence and Kagan

I love the picture of Grannie and Poppa. Cadence took it while we were at dinner one night. 


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Elizabeth said...

I miss all of these people. And I miss the beach. And it makes me laugh that you counted the number of chairs, umbrellas, etc. And you're right... we do take enough snacks for a small country. :)