Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Little Monkey

Cadence has a new trick that she loves. It's called jumping onto Daddy's bed. She has figured out that once she is on the bed, she can climb over to his night stand and jump from it back onto the bed. I tried to capture the whole thing in pictures. 

On the bed with Daddy 

Climbing over to the table. 

Getting Ready. 
1.......3.........5......CHICKEN!!!!  (this is what she says when she jumps. It started at the beach in FL and is still her favorite way to count)

In case you're wondering, yes she has gotten hurt. Yesterday she fell getting to the table and ended up with a really big scratch on her stomach. It didn't stop her tho because as I type this she's jumping again :)


Elizabeth said...

Good night nurse! This girl cracks me up! 1...3...5... CHICKEN! Would you remind her of the Shanna and Lilly way to count... jedna...dva...tri????

mama said...

Y'all are crazy, make her stop!! If my baby grows up it will be a miracle!!