Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Birthday

For her birthday this year we wanted to get Cadence a kitchen for her to play with. It's been in our garage for several weeks and she's tried to play with it but we just distract her from it. On Sunday afternoon we pulled it into the living room for her to play with for the first time. We have eaten more pretend pizza, cookies and coke in the last few days than in our whole lives but she's had lots of fun with it. Yesterday she even brought me and one of my piano students a cup of coffee during our lesson. It was hysterical.

The Palahnuks brought Cadence her very first American Girl baby. it is a bitty baby and it came all the way from Los Angeles!!  It is so cute and Cadence is enjoying carrying it all over the place. She came with a little suitcase full of outfits and a blanket and bottles that make the playing go that much longer. 

We asked our friends to not bring presents for Cadence to her party. We are so blessed to have lots of toys to play with already and since we were doing a flip flop cake (see the other post) Chris and I thought that it would be fun for them to bring something to give away. In keeping with the shoe theme, we went with Operation Christmas Child where you fill a shoe box full of stuff for kids that won't get anything for Christmas. We asked everyone to bring stuff for a little girl age 2-4. Our friends and family were awesome and came thru with so much stuff. We ended up with 4 shoe boxes!!!!  That is so cool because that means that thru Cadence's birthday, 4 little girls will have a whole shoe box full of stuff to open on Christmas!! and it was some super cool stuff too :)  Thanks to everyone who participated in making Cadence's birthday so special not only for her but for other little girls as well. 


Luke & April said...

What a super cute new baby!! And what a great idea filling shoe boxes for her b-day!
It made me smile that she brought you guys a cup of coffee:) I knew that any child of Ashleigh's definitely needed a pretend coffee maker!

Elizabeth said...

The leggings under her skirt AND the converse shoes - probably the coolest 2 year old I know! :)

A Bitty Baby.... Seriously?!?! I've always wanted an American Girl doll and now your 2 year old has one. Good Garden of Peas! I'm thinking I should ask the Palahnuks if I can be part of their family! :)

And the Shoe Boxes definitely make you guys Super Cool Parents! Such a creative and practical idea!!

You throw the best parties ever...

Doll Clothes Gal said...

Great set of photos - looks like a fun time was had by one and all.