Thursday, August 7, 2008

I dood it myself, Mommy

Our little independent girl has struck again!!  She has been going to the potty all by herself lately (when we remind her to go) and she is very much into taking off her pull-up and putting it back on herself. She doesn't quite get the whole one leg in each hole concept yet and so we often have issues when she goes to put her pull-up back on. This day I had offered to help her but she said she could "dood it herself" so I let her and this is what she came out of the bathroom looking like. 

Doing a little dance because she was so proud of herself. :)

We're still working on it and this was a clean pull-up that had to then be ripped off of her. We do love our independent girl and just keep reminding ourselves that one day she will rule the world. :)


Luke & April said...

So stinkin funny... I just laughed out loud... at work!! I love that you captured part of a dance on film!! HAHA

mama said...

She is hysterical!! Wish I was there to give her a hug, she gets E for effort!

Renee said...

Too Cute!