Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is Cadence's Belly. She loves to show it and this day I picked up the camera to take a picture of her and this is what I I thought I'd share. She's such a girly girl and I cam in to see her doing this in the bathroom. She "put on" her doedorant before I could get the camera and so it is lying on the counter. I think she has hair stuff on her hand that she is showing me.

That would be turning on the water to brush her teeth - one of her favorite things in all the world
Brushing her hair after many explanations that we don't a brush on her hair only mommy's. But she still likes to use a brush. It's really quite painful to watch a brush for a white girl's straight lifeless hair try to go thru that many curls. I know that she's just pulling her hair out as she tries to get a brush thru it.
Lastly, all dressed and ready to go bye-bye...........she loves to go bye-bye because that is the place that all of you live. When I ask her where someone is she always says "bye-bye" and then she wants to go there. She still doesn't get that you're not in this state (for the most part) and we never see you when we go wherever we're going but she asks about you the whole time )mostly Emily and GiGi but it means whoever we were talking about last)


elizabeth said...

Someone needs to buy that girl a "pick" so she can brush her hair! or wear it in her afro on days when she wants to be ghetto!

The picture of her brushing her teeth is so funny. I think I'll crop it and print it and frame it for you to hang in "her bathroom." It will be as cute as the "emily and april in girl scouts" picture that's in our bathroom back home!

mama said...

I love seeing her want to be a big girl, just remember she is watching and copying you, and I'm here to tell you, that can be a scarry thing for us mamas!!!

Brad Lee said...

Did my wife just say "ghetto?" Wow.

Great post - it really lets us get a glimpse of life with Shae. Thanks.

The Lourceys said...

I love that picture of her hanging over the sink. I also love that she knows my name the best. I'm obviously the most memorable aunt.