Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

Mooresville seems to completely shut down if it snows, so it's our first official snow day of the year. We woke up to all this snow on the ground and the best part is that Daddy got to stay home!!!!!!

This was what Cadence's swing looked like when we got outside.
Luckily, we have a spare that wasn't filled with snow so she still got to swing.

She wanted us to swing with her but this is what the other swing looked like so we told her no.

I don't think we'll be grilling today.
Making a snowball.
This is our very sad attempt at a snow man. He has black bean eyes and a candy cane that Cadence really wanted herself.
Pitching a fit over now getting the candy cane.
Snow days are so much fun!! I wish we had them all the time so that Daddy could stay home with us. But we will be thankful for the time we have to play.


Brad Lee said...

Sweet! Looks like all the Wilson girls may get a glimpse of snow this year. Bundle up!

Luke & April said...

How Fun!! Looks like Shae enjoyed her snow day. LG and I leave for CO on Monday, and it was -11 there yesterday morning... YIKES!

mama said...

I'm jealous! The snow looks so fun, and that snowman, he looks more like a snow bear! Keep Grammie's baby's shirt pulled down, and where is her jacket??

elizabeth said...

Uh... yeah... where is her jacket? Your "snowman" looks a little like Cookie Monster and your snow looks slushy on the ground, but don't you love it when everything is covered in snow!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :)