Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas with the Palahnuks

This past weekend we went to Raleigh to see Emily and Robby and also to see the Palahnuks. We always have such a great time at their house and this time especially because Cadence collected all her Christmas stuff from them. This year the Palahnuks decided to do a Princess themed Christmas because we all know that Cadence is one ;) So, everything that we opened had something to do with princesses. There were clothes, pajamas, shoes, a baby, and most importantly, a very large princess tent.

Look at this tent, I can stand up in it. We're gonna need a bigger house.

Kathy was hugging Cadence's new baby Ariel so Cadence was hugging one of her other babies that we had taken with us.

Dressing Cadence in her new princess outfit.

Shoes, tiara, and all.
Cadence discovered (with a little help from Amanda and Kathy) that she could climb into the cabinets in the living room. She had so much fun going in and out. Kathy even turned one of the knobs around so she didn't keep smashing her fingers trying to shut the door.

After another awesome dinner from Andy and before we left, Melissa wanted us all to play a game of Disney's Scene it. So, we were all on teams except for Chris who wanted to be by himself, and we played a game. Cadence just danced around in the middle of it all to ad to the chaos.


Na said...

Cadence is definately a Princess! Is this a giant princess tent, or the first stage of the Shae Palace?

mama said...

Looks like Shae Shae had a great time, as usual. She is so rotten! Ain't it fun!

Luke & April said...

Hooray for Princess stuff!! I'm glad to see that someone else in the family understands the importance of Princess items in a little girls life :)

elizabeth said...

Wow! Pink sparkly shoes! I love the picture of Cadence in her tent looking at Melissa... you can tell they are both SO happy. And I love Cadence's hair! Great job on making her hair clips look like a tiara!