Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We went to Epcot as our Christmas present from Mama and Daddy. We thought it would be lots of fun for Cadence and we were right. however, she didn't like any of the things she should have. Our friend Joey met us over there with her daughter Stevie and grandson Christian so that we would have other people to hang out with.

Here we are in Finding Nemo (formerly the Living seas) and she was scared of all the sharks in the shark playground. We did get her to turn this wheel but only because Christian did.

She really didn't like sitting on this shark.
Telling Chris to "sit down" over at the big aquarium.
and so he did :) (I had to sit with them too but there's no picture of that)
Taking a nap after all the excitement of Nemo
We woke her up to see Alice in Wonderland who was in England but she really didn't like her either.

Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.....also a bust
These guys are a Beatles cover band and so we listened to the music and Chris and Cadence danced after all the trauma of having to meet the characters.

This lady is using candy to make animals. It's kind of like taffy but she's really good at shaping it into all kinds of animals. People just gather around and make requests and she shapes the candy into it. Then, if you're really lucky, you get to take the candy and eat it. The amazing part is that it's FREE!!! That's right, Disney does give something away without you having to pay for it. However, between the $11 to park and $71 to get into a single park, I'm sure it covered enough painted candy animals for a small country.
it's really cool though, this one was a tiger
We were looking in a store and Cadence saw this little basketball. because it was dated 2007, it was 50% off so we bought it for her for like $3. it was her favorite thing all day. Here we are in Japan with the candy lady and these ittle boys came over and started a basketball game with Chris. Chris was the hoop and the boys would shoot the ball at him. Cadence thought it was so cool that her daddy was playing. She clapped and jumped and tried to participate.

This is a maze garden in "America" The most interesting thing was the squirrel that Cadence and Christian chased all over the maze. Thankfully, it was a Disney squirrel so it was pretty tame and didn't mind us looking for him in the bushes.

After awhile, Cadence told Christian to load up in the stroller and he actually listened to her and so we were off again.

Asleep on the boat ride in Mexico.
Waiting while Daddy got us dinner.

Here's DADDY!!
Cadence thought it was fun to put her cup that the grapes were in on her head. Thankfully, with her awesome hair, it would actually stay on her head and she thought that was great.

After the fireworks (which scared her) and walking to the car. The way every kid should look after a whole day at a Disney park.


mama said...

So precious! Looks like she had a great time......Love and miss you all,

The Agarwals said...

We did the Disney thing too and all I can say, is after a day with 3 kids, I want to be in a stroller sound asleep!! Glad to see that my kids weren't the only ones freaked out by characters and fireworks at that age! Trust me- it gets better. This year Griffin actually progressed in his "meetings." He walked up to Pooh all by himself. It almost made me cry! They grow up so quickly! Oh and the grapes container on her head- so cute! She has such a little personality!