Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crews Park and Peace River

Because the weather in FL was SO nice, Chris and I wanted to make sure that we got in some outside time with Shae. If you know her at all, you know that she LOVES to swing, so we went in search of a swing in Wauchula. I suggested Crews Park because I remember it having swings when we used to go to the park. Mind you , this was at least 10 years ago if not more. So, we get to the park and there are no swings. There was some stuff to climb on but Cadence was pretty unsure of it all so Chris and I had to go up with her.
We went over to the river instead since the park was such a bust. She didn't really know what to do with the river either but she got better about it the more we played. I put her baby in the water to show her that it wasn't scary but that made her pretty mad so the baby came out.
Next we walked over to where there was more of a beach area to play in. It was mostly concrete, rocks, and algea but we made the best of it and she ended up having a good time

Throwing rocks into the river (who knew this could be so much fun)
Picking up and gathering more rocks to throw.

Walking back to the car to meet Grammie (GiGi) for lunch


relying on God said...

i absolutely love the picture of the baby doll in the water. it's wicked funny even if shae didn't care too much for it.

Luke & April said...

How dare you put her baby in the water!! By the way, where did that baby come from?? Super cute pics... i miss her (and you) so much!