Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Trip to the Hospital

OK, so I'm gonna be really honest in this post. I debated on telling a lie about the reason we're at the hospital but have decided taht if you are reading this blog, you know me and Cadence pretty well and therefore, will understand how this could happen. Cadence had got to ply with Ella while I went to Wal-Mart yesterday. When it wtime to leave, she didn't want to get in the car (imagine that) and so she would run the other way. So, I grabbed her hand, she went limp so as to not walk to the car, and so I just pulled her to the car. Well, she started crying and cried all the way home. When we got home, she fell asleep on Chris and so we decided to see how she acted when she woke up. After her nap, she wouldn't move her arm and just kept ccrying and saying "ow" over and over again so we decided to take her to the emergency room. Sure enough, I had pulled her arm and she had what is called a "nursemaid's elbow" which is ligament that gets pulled the wrong way. The doctor worked his doctor magic and put the ligament back in place with like 2 moves. (he then showed both Chris and I how to do it because this is a really common injury in kids until about age 4 and if we can fix it ourselves, it saves the trip to the ER)Then came the motrin, and the waiting to make sure that she would move her arm. So, 2 hours later, we were good to go.

When we first got to the hospital.
Crying because the people had been messing with her arm.
After the motrin up and playing but not moving her arm still. (It was the left one)
Finally up and playing with both arms working again.
When I was 4 my mom pulled my arm out because Angie and I were playing in clothes at a department store. So, I guess I was just carrying on the tradition> However, this is one that we can be finished with. I think from now on, I'll just pick her up by her body and not by an arm ;)


The Lourceys said...

I think this is hilarious but I'm very sad she was hurt. Good to know you can fix it yourself.

Luke & April said...

Luke and I were just talking about this the other day... remember when I did this to Elizabeth Moore one time when I was babysitting her. Very scary! It terrifies me to pick kids up by there arms now. Glad Shae Shae is okay.

mama said...

Mad mothers syndrome! I well remember how I felt when I did this to you! Hopefully no more trips to the ER!!!