Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We've Gone to the Dogs

I'm so glad that Cadence is a dog lover because if she wasn't there could have been major problems over THanksgiving. In Ohio, there were 6 adults, 1 Cadence and 4 dogs!!! That makes for a prety crowded house. Cadence had so much fun (expecially with the big dogs) and constantly had a playmate in one of her 4-legged friends.

This picture is Cadence playing with Madison and Slang. If the dogs were outside, she wanted to be with them regardless of how cold it was.

And then Kohala came to play too. Her mom is a friend of Cindy's who was going out of town to see family so Kohala played with us.

Cadence loved carrying around a leash which was torture because the dogs all know that that is supposed to mean going on a walk. She never did take one for a walk but loved to chew on the metal part of the leash.

Slang mostly whined and chirped the whole weekend (if you know Slang you know this sound) He just loves to play with people.

The dog food station was a pretty big temptation to Cadence. With 3 -4 sets of bowls out at all times, I'm sure she consumed quite a bit of dog food over the weekend.


Luke & April said...

That is a pretty cute little Christmas outfit she has on... and I love how she loves the dogs. She pretty much has to love dogs in the Andersen/Wilson family.

elizabeth said...

Did you know you have 18 pictures in this post? That's A LOT of pictures!! And Shae has the cutest fro ever... I can't wait to see her again.

elizabeth said...

P.S. You know Tricia's going to have a fit that you let "Grammie's baby" chew on a dog leash! Don't say you weren't warned!!

mama said...

I can't believe you let my baby eat dog food and chew on a leash. She's coming to Fl with me this next weekend and staying till she graduates from college!!