Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Comes to the Andersen House

That's right friends, we have done all the decorating we're doing for this year. It is more than just a tree but for the record, this is the first time I've decorated our tree by myself. Usually I ahve sisters or friends or something because I'm so challenged when it comes to decorating. I figured I can get away with it this year because if it looks bad, I can say that Cadence was involved in the process :) We actually gave Cadence her own tree to decorate so here she is taking off or putting on an ornament. She does it over and over again all day but hopefully having her own tree will keep her from messing with the big tree. We'll see.

This is the ornament that she likes to play with the most. Go figure, it's a candy cane and most of the time it's in her mouth. I wonder if she'll figure out that it doesn't taste good.


Grammie said...

So sweet, good idea to give her her own tree. Lots of things will be different for us all this year with toddlers! I love it, she can undecorated Grammie's tree all she wants!

Luke & April said...

Ashleigh, I am so impressed that you gave Shae her own tree! That is some serious super mom stuff!! Your tree looks good... but I can't believe you have it up before Thanksgiving. Shouldn't be surprised though... you are the person who wanted to send out Christmas cards before Halloween :)

elizabeth said...

The best thing about your Christmas decorations is the Santa Mouse book on your piano... you better make sure and read it alot to Shaebug.

Shae's tree is pretty cute too... especially the "Grannie Turner" ornaments on there!