Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Manicure

This is Ms. Angie and she is friend of Chris' (Daddy) from school. She is also Mimi (Cindy's) nail girl. She comes to Cindy's house to give her manicures and pedicures. Because we were there, I (Mommy) got a pedicure and we wanted to see how Cadence would do having her nails done. At first she was interested, then we pulled out a twizzler to get her to sit still
Look at those pretty pink nails.

What's really funny is that the polish was off of two fingers by the next morning and off of sever more by the next day. As of today, one finger still has polish on it. Thank you Mimi for our first Manicure.

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mama said...

too fun! Wish i had personal manicure/pedicure girl that made house calls!